Springfield XD Subcompact & Accessories

The Springfield XD subcompact is a polymer semiautomatic handgun with a 3 inch barrel. The firearm can be acquired in a few different setups. There is a black and earth green frame. And the slide can be acquired in standard black or stainless steel silver. It comes in 9mm and 40 S&W. It has many resemblances to the Glock and many extra features.

The XD is the same trigger safety as the Glock, but also has an additional 1911-style safety on the rear of the grip. In addition of the mechanical safety, there is a level behind the ejection port on the top of the slide. This protrudes up when a round is in the chamber, and the rear of the firing pin protrudes out the rear of the slide, letting you know when the firing pin is in the back position.

I personally carry the Springfield XD subcompact concealed on a daily basis. Typically on an inside the waist band on my left hip. I can usually get away with wearing just a light shirt. Some people don't like the width and bulkiness of the XD. While it appears to be a little wide, I don't notice it at all.

It has a great balance, and I prefer the grip angle of the XD compared to the glock (but this is a personal preference). I carry the stainless steel 40 caliber with the extended magazine, 12+1. Because the grip itself is too short for my pinky finger, I use the extended magazine. This is usually not an issue for people with small hands. The extended magazine makes it feel like any normal handgun grip.

There are a few issues I have with the Springfield XD subcompact, the main one being the gap on the aft of the gun, between the slide and the frame. This only makes it a problem because of the dirty environment I work in. The gap allows dirt and other crap to get into the rear of the pistol. This is nothing that can't be fixed with proper cleaning and maintenance, which should be religion to any firearm owner.

I've seen some people say they have a problem with the 40 caliber version. Because of the width of the round, it was clipping the protrusion on the safety lever. This acts as though the magazine is empty, and locks the slide in the open position. This can be fixed by filing down the protrusion on the inside of teh safety lever, by just a few millimeters.

I own the 40 caliber and I've never expereicned this problem. When the gun was new with stiff springs, it would sometimes lock open, but this went away after about 500 rounds. I've also heard complaints from friends taht the trigger safety pinches their finger when they pull the trigger. I have no idea what they're talking about, as this as never happened to be. But it might be something to look into.

Because of the short barrel length, the tactical rail is quite short, and most lasers and tactical lights will not fit on the Springfield XD subcompact. There are lasers and lights small enough to fit this rail, but if lasers are important to you, this is a good thing to keep in mind. Crimson trace last grips and trijicon sights are available for the Springfield XD subcompact.